Trusted and reliable building inspections in Whangarei and across the Northland region.

If you're in need of a pre-purchase building inspection, pre-sale house inspection or moisture testing, our team has the established experience to ensure your property receives a detailed and trusted property inspection. We're here to assist in a range of services from building inspections, moisture testing, meth and asbestos testing and insulation reporting to meet Tenancy Act requirements.

Northland's Building Inspection Team

The TelferYoung Northland team of building inspectors are based in Whangarei and are your reliable and trustworthy choice for both residential and commercial building inspections. The team is lead by Nick Godfrey, formerly of Award inspections.

Nick merged his business with TelferYoung (Northland) Limited, to become the National Director for TelferYoung Building Surveyors. Nick has been in the building and construction industry for over 26 years and has trade qualifications in both Building and Exterior Plastering. Nick is an Accredited Building Surveyor of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) and holds a current Building Practitioners Licence. Nick is also and approved Asbestos Surveyor, IP402 and Toxicology Tester. Weathertight reports are Nicks specialty and he is well regarded in this industry.

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Northland's Building and House Inspections

To request a building inspection please get in touch with our team via the form below, call (09) 438 9599 or email [email protected]

+ Should I get a Pre-purchase House Inspection?

Buying a home for most, will be the biggest single transaction you will ever make. If you are considering this, one of the most important steps in the journey is to engage experts in their respective fields to help you through this process.

A building report will investigate the structural integrity of a dwelling and notify you of any issues or defects with the dwelling. This enables you to either negotiate with the vendor to have the defects rectified, accept the property with the defects known or cancel the agreement. A building report also enables you to be informed of any renovation or upcoming maintenance required.

A pre-purchase home inspection can also be a pre-requisite by insurance companies and banks. This requirement is becoming more common due to changes in lending criteria and may have an impact on the type, age and condition of property that they will allow you to purchase. We recommend that you discuss these issues with your lender and insurance company prior to searching for your dream home.

+ What is a Pre-sale Property Inspection?

If the property you are selling is constructed with materials that may have potential issues, your agent may recommend that you obtain a building inspection report on the property. This helps with transparency between all parties and allows you time to carry out any remedial work before listing your property.

An inspection may also be required by insurance companies and banks when you are considering changes to your contracts with either institution. This is becoming more common due to changes in banks’ lending criteria and insurance company criteria.

+ What is Moisture Testing?

Moisture Testing uses either a capacitance and/or resistance moisture meter. These meters have a thin probe which is inserted into (usually) the Gib board of areas where the inspector suspects moisture ingress. Although the probe is thin, it will leave a small hole but is virtually undetectable afterwards. Readings of up to 18% are considered acceptable. However, if readings are higher than 18%, the inspector may recommend upgrading to a Thermal Imaging Report.

+ Cladding Inspections in Whangarei

In a typical cladding inspection, our qualified building surveyors will carry out a non-invasive inspection to identify any detailing with the potential to cause moisture ingress and the overall cladding integrity of the property.

+ Northland Unauthorised Works Report

This report looks at any unauthorised work that has been undertaken without a Building Permit (Prior to 1992) or a Building Consent after 1992.

If a property looks to have unpermitted or unauthorised work, we will guide you through three options:

  • pull down the work (which requires a building consent) and rebuild;

  • for work carried out prior to 1992, engage a building inspector to carry out an inspection and produce a report for Council. The report will discuss if the property is safe for occupancy, if it is sanitary (i.e. not offensive or likely

  • to cause any health issues), any weather tightness issues, and has adequate drinkable water and sanitary services;
    for work carried out after 1992, you can apply to Council for a Certificate of Acceptance of Unauthorised Work.

+ Property Meth Testing Northland

Meth testing is important to ensure you are purchasing a healthy home. As meth use is present in both rental properties and family homes a meth test enables you to make an informed choice on the purchase. Meth testing by a qualified trained professional is the only way to be confident that Meth or “P” has not contaminated your home or your rental, protecting your family, tenants and your investment. Let us manage the process from start to finish with a 48 hour turn around and don’t let Meth become your problem.

+ Asbestos Testing

Houses and commercial buildings built between 1930 and 2000 are known to contain asbestos based building products such as lino flooring, roofing tiles, electrical boards, textured ceilings and soffit. Asbestos testing will help to avoid being caught out when purchasing a home, or before renovating to ensure there is no health risk to yourself, your family or your tenants. With buyers seeking discounts from sellers in order to make sure they can afford to have asbestos based products removed by a professional, getting an asbestos test will ensure you’ll know exactly what disruption or potential health risks you or your tenants could face or any financial costs you could be up against after purchasing.

+ Healthy Homes

The requirements of the Healthy Homes standards are that all rental homes must comply with specific rules regarding insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture ingress & drainage and draught stopping by July 2021. We can provide a full examination of your property and report on (as a Landlord) what is required of you, to ensure you meet these new requirements.



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