TelferYoung provides fast and reliable building inspections across New Plymouth and Taranaki.

Whether you need a pre-purchase building inspection, pre-sale house inspection or moisture testing and thermal imaging, our team has over 65 years of combined experience to ensure you receive a detailed and trusted property inspection.

You've found a property that you’d like to purchase. It looks solidly built, so do you still need a building inspection?

The short answer? Yes.

Using a TelferYoung qualified building inspector to give your next property a pre-purchase house inspection (and in some cases a pre-sale building inspection) is highly recommended. You need to be assured that the property has no hidden defects or any urgent or potentially future maintenance issues. These are problems that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

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To request a building inspection please get in touch with our team via the form below or call (06) 757 5753

+ Our team of Building Surveyors

TelferYoung building surveyors in Taranaki are a reliable and trustworthy choice for both residential and commercial building inspections in New Plymouth and Taranaki wide.

Kane Facey has over 15 years in the building and construction industry and has wide experience in both residential and commercial construction. Kane is joined by Adam Boon, an accredited building surveyor of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) and having served a long 20 year career in the building industry.

+ What is a pre-purchase house inspection?

A building inspection and property report investigates the structural integrity and weather-tightness of the dwelling. Our team will advise you if there are any issues or defects with the dwelling and will also give you an idea of any renovation or upcoming maintenance required.

A pre-purchase inspection may also be a prerequisite by insurance companies and banks. This is becoming more common due to changes in lending criteria and as a result of the Christchurch earthquake. These changes may have an impact on the type, age and condition of property that they will allow you to purchase. We recommend that you discuss these issues with your lender and insurance company prior to searching for your dream home.

+ What is a pre-sale property inspection?

If the property you are selling is constructed with materials that may have potential issues, your agent may recommend that you obtain a building inspection report on the property. This helps to satisfy potential buyers of transparency between all parties and give you time to carry out any remedial work before listing your property.

An inspection may also be required by insurance companies and banks when you are considering changes to your contracts with either institution. This is becoming more common due to changes in banks’ lending criteria and insurance companies criteria.

+ How is moisture tested in my home?

Moisture Testing uses either a capacitance and/or resistance moisture meter which are normally non-invasive to test areas of linings where the inspector suspects moisture ingress. Some moisture meters can have a thin probe which is inserted into (usually) the Gib board of areas. Although the probe is thin, it will leave a small hole but is virtually undetectable afterwards. TelferYoung normally use non-invasive moister meters. Readings of up to 18% are considered acceptable. However, if readings are higher than 18%, the inspector may recommend upgrading to a Thermal Imaging Report.

+ What is thermal imaging?

TelferYoung was the first Taranaki user of thermal imaging cameras which indicate changes of temperature in the building materials for building surveys. Skill and experience is needed when viewing Thermal Images.

We use this technology in areas prone to moisture ingress such as under windows, around doors or where a moisture meter has indicated high readings to highlight those areas to investigate further.

+ Taranaki cladding building inspection

This inspection/report looks only at the cladding to assess potential for moisture ingress and overall cladding integrity.

+ Unauthorised work report

Unauthorised work is considered work that has been undertaken without a Building Permit (Prior to 1992) or a Building Consent after 1992. If a property looks to have un-permitted or unauthorised work, we suggest the following there options:
- pull down the work (which requires a building consent) and rebuild;
- for work carried out prior to 1992, engage TelferYoung to carry out an inspection and produce a report for Council. The report will discuss if the property is safe for occupancy, if it is sanitary (ie not offensive or likely to cause any health issues), any weather tightness issues, and has adequate drinkable water and sanitary services;
- for work carried out after 1992, you can apply to Council for a Certificate of Acceptance of Unauthorised Work.



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