TelferYoung is New Zealand's largest independent property advisory and valuation group. We provide Asbestos Testing for properties in Rotorua, Taupo, Northland and Taranaki. All of our inspectors are Accredited Building Surveyors with the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand.

Asbestos was a widely used component of many building materials up to the 1990’s – 2000’s. Even properties built after this date may have products that include Asbestos in them.

Under the new Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016, there is a legal requirement for PCBU’s (Person Conducting a Business or an Undertaking) to know the asbestos status of their buildings, and to have had an asbestos management plan in place before 4 April 2018. A PCBU includes a private landlord renting out a property for commercial gain.

We offer an Asbestos Identification Survey and if required Laboratory testing, to ensure you can comply with the law regarding asbestos management. Ignorance of this law is no defence in court. Our Surveyors will visit your property and complete an Identification survey. We will identify known risk materials and potential risk areas and if requested, we can remove a sample of the material to be laboratory tested to remove any doubt.

Asbestos is a very dangerous substance only if it becomes airborne and the fibres are digested by human beings. This has been linked to different fatal types of cancers. It is the number one workplace killer in New Zealand.

As a PCBU you must have your Asbestos survey on hand to be checked by government bodies, including WorkSafe and any tradesman that work on your building/property. Failure to have this legal documentation exposes you to prosecution and potentially the closing of your workplace (or rental property).

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The following are areas to consider where Laboratory Asbestos Testing may be important:

  • Re-Roofing Testing
    Some building products used in domestic and commercial roofing installed before 2000’s, have recently been shown to contain asbestos. This means that testing is essential if you are intending re-roofing your property.

  • Pre-Demolition/Renovation Testing
    If you are going to remove or modify an older building (prior to 2000) you need to know if there are any potential health risks to workers or tradesmen. We can identify areas of potential risk and laboratory test building materials to remove any doubt. This will allow you to demolish or renovate the building safely.

  • Kitchen / Bathroom Renovation
    Asbestos was used extensively in flooring and in water proofing to kitchens and bathrooms up to the 1990s. We can help you assess the risks in your home, office or workplace before you start to renovate these areas

  • Meter Boards
    Any power meter/fuse backing boards installed before 1990 are at high risk of having asbestos. This means that testing is essential before any re-wiring is undertaken.


Asbestos is a very dangerous material. The new laws have been implemented to protect people from exposure, as they can lead to very nasty diseases and death.

An Asbestos identification report does not include any major removal, repair, rebuild quotes and or the control over the potential effects or encapsulation of materials or products in a structure to eliminate the threat of exposure to toxic fibres. This type of report is best handled by a professional Asbestos Demolition company.

If you would like more advice or to book an Asbestos Identification Survey on your property, please call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the report?

    There are some different variables when determining the cost for a report. To help us understand what type of property you are looking at us inspecting, you will need to answer our questions at the booking stage which will provide you with an estimated fee.

  • How long does the inspection take?

    On average, the amount of time spent on site for a standard sized house is between one and a half to two hours. The report is emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection.

  • What does the inspection not cover?

    We do not move furniture, personal items, or areas which are locked or by their nature. We do not inspect areas which are not easily accessible under the current Health & Safety in Employment 2016 guidelines.

  • What type of insurance do you carry?

    We work under the NZ Property Inspection Standard, which means we do hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Do we need to be on site with the Surveyor?

    No, however, the Surveyor can speak to you after the survey if you wish to come to the property. We always recommend reading the report first.

  • Do we quote for work recommended in our reports?

    No, as an independent company, we cannot provide quotes as this is a conflict of interest.

  • Do we need an Asbestos Test?

    Due to the age of the home (mainly before 2000) homes may contain asbestos in various materials. If the house is a rental, it is important to identify, under the Health & Safety in Employment Act 2016, particularly if tradespeople need to go on site.


All of our inspectors are Accredited Building Surveyors with BOINZ. An Accredited Building Surveyor is an industry assessed property inspection expert in all areas to do with house inspections. Each Surveyor has demonstrated their full compliance with the NZ Standard 4306:2005 and have been found under BOINZ accreditation to be competent and knowledgeable to undertake building surveys. We offer a professional and independent inspection service that is not influenced by the potential for quoting for work, to do alterations or maintenance, in the future.

Ultimately, our written reports give you the home/building owner knowledge that you need. They let you know the state of a property so you can make an informed decision and not suddenly find out something major when carrying out additions/maintenance to the property. Some of our past clients have used their reports during negotiations to reduce the asking price to cover the repair of the defects found.

If you would like to arrange an Asbestos Survey and Testing of a property, Call us now: 0800 889 599



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