There have been recent reports that have suggested that testing your home (or rental property) for Methamphetamine contamination are not needed and the risks associated are minimal and not proven scientifically. Yet we are still being asked daily to conduct Meth Tests, why is this?

Doubt? Fear? Ignorance?

One of the key reasons to test if Meth residue is in a building is to understand that these buildings have been put at risk. If there is residue, what else has been happening or not happening. Has the drug use caused the building’s maintenance to be neglected? Is there hidden damage to other parts of the home?

By removing the doubt, a Meth Test is a very simple tool to use to make decisions about a property.

If you are a landlord, do you want people smoking meth in your home, even if the reports claim it is not harmful to others? There are social implications on the neighbors, the ability of tenants to pay rent and the value of your investment of the activities of drug users in your home.

By implementing our Meth Testing service, we can conduct regular or random testing on your properties to allow you to know if your tenant has been breaching the terms of their rental agreement. This will allow you to evict the tenant and put in a tenant who will look after your property as you hope.

The risk to people’s health is only one aspect of the need for meth testing, even if this is not a factor, the other implications about allowing meth use in your property are still relevant for the protection of your property’s value.

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A Meth Test may also be a prerequisite by insurance companies and banks. This is becoming more common due to changes in lending criteria, as a result of the Christchurch earthquakes. These changes may have an impact on the type, age and condition of property that they will allow you to purchase. We recommend that you discuss these issues with your lender and insurance company prior to searching for your dream home.

You can then negotiate with the vendor to have the defects rectified, accept the property with the defects known or cancel the agreement. It will also give you an idea of any renovation or maintenance coming up that may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the report?

    There are some different variables when determining the cost of a report. For example, what type of meth test is required, the number of rooms to be tested and the turnaround timeframe from the lab (1 to 4 days). To help us understand what type of property you are looking at us inspecting, you will need to answer our questions at the booking stage which will provide you with an estimated fee.

  • How long does the inspection/report take?

    The amount of time spent on site depends on how many test areas are required and the type of meth testing required. You also need to allow time for the Lab readings to come back. The average amount of time for you to receive the final report would be between 1 to 4 days if using a lab-based test.

  • What does the inspection not cover?

    We do not move furniture, personal items, or areas which are locked or by their nature. We do not inspect areas which are not easily accessible under the current Health & Safety in Employment 2016 guidelines.

  • What type of insurance do you carry?

    We work under the NZ Property Inspection Standard, which means we do hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Do we need to be on site with the Surveyor?

    No, however, the Surveyor can speak to you after the survey if you wish to come to the property. We always recommend reading the report first.

  • Do we quote for work recommended in our reports?

    No, as an independent company, we cannot provide quotes as this is a conflict of interest.

  • Do we need a Meth Test?

    There are many reasons why a meth test is recommended. One reason could be whether the house has been tenanted or is currently tenanted. Peace of mind is always a good reason.


A Meth Sampling Survey contains a detailed written report with photos showing each swab example’s test location. Each survey comes with an independent IANZ accredited laboratory findings for each test example taken. All Meth samples are taken in accordance with the manufacturer/supplier’s specifications, or under the New Zealand Standards Guideline NZS8510:1017, unless otherwise specified in the body of the report.

Ultimately, our written reports give you the home buyer knowledge. They let you know the state of a property, so you can make an informed decision and not suddenly find out something major, a few months after you bought the property. Some of our past clients have used their reports during negotiations to reduce the asking price to cover the repair of the defects found.

If you would like to arrange a Meth Test of a property, Call us now: 0800 889 599



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