Landlord to pay tenants $1500 for not hitting insulation deadline12 Aug 2019

A landlord who did not meet the rental property insulation deadline has been ordered to pay tenants $1500 immediately.

Krystal Gamman told the tribunal she first discussed the lack of insulation with a former property manager about a year ago. She had offered her community services card to reduce the cost of installing insulation but that offer was ignored.

She said the weatherboard house was cold in winter with a lot of condensation.

An assessment by an insulation expert showed the ceiling insulation was deficient and there was no underfloor insulation.

The tribunal adjudicator said the landlord had made an intentional decision not to insulate in time.

Insulation installers reported a backlog that meant many were waiting months for work to be carried out.

If you are concerned about the insulation in your rental property, make sure to get a TelferYoung Healthy Homes survey done to ensure your rental complies with the current standards.

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