New Insulation Standards15 Jul 2019

Is your rental up to the new Insulation Standards?

Figures from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment released to Stuff show 484 calls were received by tenancy services concerning insulation in the first four days of the law operating.

Forty tenancy tribunal complaints over insulation were taken over the same period.

As a Landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your rental property meets the current standards. If you are unsure about the standard of insulation in your rental property, it is best to get an Insulation Survey done by an Accredited Building Surveyor from TelferYoung for only $260.00 plus GST.

If your rental property does not comply, the new law allows tenants claim up to $4000 from their landlords. It is best to avoid this situation and get an Insulation Survey done so that you can take action if required to ensure your rental meets the current standards.

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