Rents soar 50pc in some parts of New Zealand27 Nov 2018

Whangarei woman Evelyn Sutherland has lived in her rented home in the central city for the past three years.

In that time the rent has risen 15 per cent.

"This house is a bit small for my family but we put up with it because trying to find something that will our animals is a mission."

She now pays $395 a week and expects that would jump to more than $400 if she had to shift.

But Sutherland has experienced a small rent increase, compared to the rest of Northland. Trade Me data shows Northland's advertised rent is up 43 per cent since 2013.

Sutherland said that seemed to have been driven by a lack of suitable rental accommodation, poor tenants "spoiling it for the good ones", and then landlords selling their rentals.

Another Whangarei woman, Jenny Hamilton, said she had been left homeless for six weeks last year when she was given 42 days' notice to leave a property because it was sold - but couldn't find another place to live in time. "It ended up me and the kids bunking in with another family. There just aren't the houses out there. Rents are rising, pushing them out of reach."

It's a common story around the country.

The Trade Me Property data shows wages have not kept up with rent rises throughout New Zealand, making renting more unaffordable as the years go by.

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