What is Dux Qest Plumbing?9 Feb 2021

During your building inspection, you may get introduced to Dux Qest pipes.

So what is Dux Qest?

Polybutylene Dux Qest piping is a black plastic pipe. This piping was commonly used in houses built and renovated in the 1970’s and 80’s. By the 1990’s, this pipe was ruled out as a substandard plumbing material due to a massive amount of leakages and splits reported across the country.

It's a very distinctive looking pipe that our experts are able to identify throughout your property.

Why is Dux Qest an issue?

Faulty, leaking pipes can cause massive issues to your property, with many issues only being identified after the leaking of potentially hundreds of litres of water.

Faulty plumbing can be the root cause of many costly renovation jobs that may not be covered by your insurance. Therefore, it pays to know this information before you buy a home, so that you can factor the increase in costs into your purchase price.

How do I know if my Property has Dux Quest pipes?

The best way to identify this is by having a professional building inspector to review the property. A qualified building inspector will be able to advise whether the house is using Dux Qest plumbing, and whether further investigation is required.

These are important details to be aware of when purchasing a home, as most insurance companies won't always pay out on Dux Qest piping issues. This is mainly because the product was so widespread when it was first introduced.

You'll also get a recommendation on whether or not the whole property's piping will need to be replaced. Alternatively, it may be possible to just fix and replace the specific Dux Qest piping that is causing the property any issues.

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